Morphic - An AI-powered answer engine with a generative UI.


It is an AI-powered answer engine with a generative UI.


  • App framework: Next.js
  • Text streaming / Generative UI: Vercel AI SDK
  • Generative Model: OpenAI
  • Search API: Tavily AI
  • Component library: shadcn/ui
  • Headless component primitives: Radix UI
  • Styling: Tailwind CSS

🚀 Quickstart

1. Fork and Clone repo

Fork the repo to your Github account, then run the following command to clone the repo:

git clone [email protected]:[YOUR_GITHUB_ACCOUNT]/morphic.git

2. Install dependencies

cd morphic
bun i

3. Fill out secrets

cp .env.local.example .env.local

Your .env.local file should look like this:

# OpenAI API key retrieved here:
# Tavily API Key retrieved here:

4. Run app locally

bun dev

Visit http://localhost:3000 to start with Morphic

Credit :Yoshiki Miura @miiura. Kudos to him for his amazing work.

Try OpenUI