Indetectables Toolkit - A Toolkit for Reversing, Malware Analysis, and Cracking


This tool compilation is carefully crafted to be useful both for beginners and veterans of the malware analysis world. It has also proven useful for people trying their luck at the cracking underworld.

It's the ideal complement to be used with the manuals from the site, and to play with the numbered theories mirror.


To be clear, this pack is thought to be the most complete and robust in existence. Some of the pros are:

  1. It contains all the basic (and not-so-basic) tools that you might need in a real-life scenario, be it a simple or a complex one.
  2. The pack is integrated with a Universal Updater made by us from scratch. Thanks to that, we get to maintain all the tools in an automated fashion.
  3. It's really easy to expand and modify: you just have to update the file bin\updater\tools.ini to integrate the tools you use to the updater, and then add the links for your tools to bin\sendto\sendto, so they appear in the context menus.
  4. The installer sets up everything we might need automatically - everything, from the dependencies to the environment variables, and it can even add a scheduled task to update the whole pack of tools weekly.


You can simply download the stable versions from the release section, where you can also find the installer.

  1. Once downloaded, you can update the tools with the Universal Updater that we specifically developed for that sole purpose.
  2. You will find the binary in the folder bin\updater\updater.exe.


This toolkit is composed of 98 apps that cover everything we might need to perform reverse engineering and binary/malware analysis.

Every tool has been downloaded from their original/official websites, but we still recommend you to use them with caution, especially those tools whose official pages are forum threads. Always exercise common sense.

Here are some categories on which tools have been categorized -

  • Analysis
  • Decompilers
  • Disassembler
  • Hex editor
  • Monitor
  • NFOMaker
  • Other
  • Reverse
  • Rootkits detector
  • Unpacking

You can check the complete list of tools here.

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