Hamster Kombat: Auto Clicker and Desktop Version

Hamster Kombat Earning tricks and auto clicker

Hamster Kombat Autoclicker

Everyone is now familiar with the trending telegram-based crypto game name Hamster Kombat, a game that blends adorable critters with the world of cryptocurrency, which is taking the internet by storm.

This Telegram-based game has rocketed to popularity, boasting over 200 million users in a shockingly short amount of time. That's faster than even the mega-hit Pokemon GO! But what exactly is Hamster Kombat, and why are people going nuts over it?

Hamster Kombat is a mobile game played on the Telegram messaging app. It falls under the genre of "tap-to-earn" games, where players collect rewards by simply tapping the screen.

The game integrates with the TON blockchain, allowing players to collect and trade $HMSTR tokens. These tokens can be used to upgrade and potentially turn a profit. This crypto integration has fueled much of the excitement, with Hamster Kombat following in the footsteps of popular cryptocurrencies like Notcoin.

Meme-able Moments and Record-Breaking Growth

Hamster Kombat isn't just about earning crypto; it's about the memes. The game's adorable hamster characters and fast-paced gameplay have become a goldmine for hilarious online content. The game's YouTube channel has also seen explosive growth, rivalling popular channels like Mr. Beast in subscriber count.

This meteoric rise has even Hamster Kombat setting its sights on a Guinness World Record for fastest user acquisition. With its blend of cuteness, crypto, and meme-able moments, it's no wonder Hamster Kombat is the talk of the internet.

Warning! You are responsible for the possible risks of using these scripts, such as getting banned.

Hamster Komabat Web version

Hamster Komabat is a telegram-based game, and it can be played on a mobile app only. But here we have a trick to play Hamster Kombat on a desktop PC browser too.

Thanks to Nabi, a programmer for the script and trick.

To run the Hamster Telegram game on the computer.

  1. Open Telegram Web https://web.telegram.org
  2. Then open the game.
  3. When the "Play on your mobile" error appeared.
  4. Copy and paste this code into your browser console (press F12).
// Programmer: @NabiKAZ (https://twitter.com/NabiKAZ) and Thanks for Erfan (https://github.com/ErfanBahramali)

var el = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0];
el.src = el.src.replace(/(tgWebAppPlatform=)[^&]+/, "$1android");
console.log("Use this address in your browser:", el.src);

Both the game is run in the opened window and the address written in the console can be run in a separate and full-screen browser.

On Desktop Browser

First, you need to activate the following option in the Telegram app

Settings > Advanced > Experimental settings > Enable webview inspecting

Then you open the Hamster game on a web browser 

Right-click on anywhere on the page and click Inspect.

Copy and paste the following script in the Console tab.

// Programmer: @NabiKAZ (https://twitter.com/NabiKAZ) and Thanks for https://twitter.com/0xMammad

var session = JSON.parse(sessionStorage.getItem("__telegram__initParams"));
session["tgWebAppPlatform"] = "android";
sessionStorage.setItem("__telegram__initParams", JSON.stringify(session));

Hamster Kombat AutoClicker

As mentioned the game is a tap-to-earn category where user have to tap to their hamster avatar to collect the coins. Tapping the mobile screen could be hectic and getting boring.

To get rid of tapping, again and again, here is a simple script that auto-clicks on the game helps to collect more and more coins without any hassle.

// Programmer: @NabiKAZ (https://twitter.com/NabiKAZ)

var delay = 50;
var i = setInterval(() => {
  var el = document.querySelector('.user-tap-button');
  var rect = el.getBoundingClientRect();
  var x = rect.left + rect.width / 2;
  var y = rect.top + rect.height / 2;
  var event = new PointerEvent('pointerup', {
    clientX: x,
    clientY: y,
}, delay);

For reference check the video 

While Hamster Kombat is undoubtedly hot right now, the world of mobile gaming is known for its fads. The question remains: can Hamster Kombat maintain its momentum? The upcoming launch of its $HMSTR token and the potential for real-world earnings through crypto could be a deciding factor.

One thing's for sure, Hamster Kombat has captured the internet's attention. Whether you're a crypto enthusiast or just a fan of adorable brawls, this tiny game with a big bite is one to watch.