httpx - multi-purpose HTTP toolkit


httpx is a fast and multi-purpose HTTP toolkit allows to run of multiple probers using 
retryablehttp library, it is designed to maintain the result reliability with increased threads.


  • Simple and modular codebase making it easy to contribute.
  • Fast And fully configurable flags to probe multiple elements.
  • Supports multiple HTTP-based probings.
  • Smart auto fallback from https to http as default.
  • Supports hosts, URLs, and CIDR as input.
  • Handles edge cases doing retries, backoffs, etc for handling WAFs.
httpx requires go1.17 to install successfully. Run the following command to get the repo -

go install -v


  • As default, httpx checks for HTTPS probe and fall-back to HTTP only if HTTPS is not reachable.
  • For printing both HTTP/HTTPS results, a no-fallback flag can be used.
  • Custom scheme for ports can be defined, for example -ports http:443,http:80,https:8443
  • vhost, http2, pipeline, ports, csp-probe, tls-probe and path are unique flag with different probes.
  • Unique flags should be used for specific use cases instead of running them as default with other flags.
  • When using json flag, all the information (default probes) is included in the JSON output.

Download HTTPX