PwnLnX – Advanced Python Reverse Shell for Hacking


An advanced multi-threaded, multi-client python reverse shell for hacking Linux systems. There's still more work to do so feel free to help out with the development. 

Disclaimer: This reverse shell should only be used in the lawful, remote administration of authorized systems. Accessing a computer network without authorization or permission is illegal.

Please follow these instructions to get a copy of PwnLnX running on your local machine without any problems.

  • Prerequisites
  • Python3:
  • vidstream
  • pyfiglet
  • tqdm
  • mss
  • termcolor
  • pyautogui
  • pyinstaller
  • pip3
  • pynput

# Download source code
git clone

cd PwnLnX

# download and  install the dipendences
chmod +x

Getting PwnLnx up and running
Show help
 python3 --help   
Listening for incoming connections
 python3 --lhost [your localhost ip address] --lport [free port for listening incoming connections]  
creating/Generating a payload
  chmod +x