Mobile Verification Toolkit For Pegasus Infection


Mobile Verification Toolkit (MVT) is a collection of utilities to simplify and automate the process of gathering forensic traces helpful to identify a potential compromise of Android and iOS devices.

It has been developed and released by the Amnesty International Security Lab in July 2021 in the context of the Pegasus project along with a technical forensic methodology and forensic evidence.

Warning: this tool has been released as a forensic tool for a technical audience. Using it requires some technical skills such as understanding the basics of forensic analysis and using command-line tools.


First, you need to install dependencies, on Linux sudo apt install python3 python3-pip libusb-1.0-0 or on MacOS brew install python3 libusb.

Then you can install mvt from pypi with pip3 install mvt, or directly from sources:

git clone
cd mvt
pip3 install.


MVT provides two commands mvt-ios and mvt-android with the following subcommands available:

  • mvt-ios:
check-backup: Extract artifacts from an iTunes backup
check-fs: Extract artifacts from a full filesystem dump
check-iocs: Compare stored JSON results to provided indicators
decrypt-backup: Decrypt an encrypted iTunes backup
  • mvt-android:
check-backup: Check an Android Backup
download-apks: Download all or non-safelisted installed APKs

Check out the documentation to see how to use them.