Step: A tool to Make Work easier for zero trust technologies

Step is a zero trust swiss army knife. It’s an easy-to-use and hard-to-misuse utility for building, operating, and automating systems that use zero trust technologies like authenticated encryption (X.509, TLS), single sign-on (OAuth OIDC, SAML), multi-factor authentication (OATH OTP, FIDO U2F), encryption mechanisms (JSON Web Encryption, NaCl), and verifiable claims (JWT, SAML assertions).

For more information and docs see the step website and the blog post announcing step.


These instructions will install an OS specific version of the step binary on your local machine. To build from source see getting started with development below.

Mac OS

Install step via Homebrew:
brew install smallstep/smallstep/step
step certificate inspect


Download the latest Debian package from releases:
Install the Debian package:
sudo dpkg -s step_X.Y.Z_amd64.deb
step certificate inspect