Photon: Fast web crawler for Recon

Photon is a lightning fast web crawler which extracts URLs, files, intel & endpoints from a target.


-u --url

Run Photon against a single website.
python -u
Specifying a URL with it's schema i.e. http(s):// is optional but you must add www. if the website has it.
Tip 💡 : If you feel like the crawling is taking too long or you just don't want to crawl anymore, just press ctrl + c in your terminal and Photon will skip the rest of URLs.

-l --level

Depth of crawling.
python -u -l 3
Default Value: 2

-d --delay

You can keep a delay between requests made to the target by specifying the time in seconds.
python -u -d 1
Default Value: 0

-t --threads

Number of threads to use.
python -u -t 10
Default Value: 2
Tip 💡 : The optimal number of threads depends on your connection speed as well as nature of the target server. If you have a decent network connection and the server doesn't have any rate limiting in place, you can use up to 100 threads.

-c --cookie

Cookie to send.
python -u -c "PHPSSID=821b32d21"

-n --ninja

Toggles Ninja Mode on/off.
python -u --ninja
Default Value: False
Tip 💡 : Ninja mode uses the following websites to make requests on your behalf:
Please help me add more "APIs" to reduce load on their servers and turn off this mode whenever not required.

-s --seeds

Lets you add custom seeds, seperated by commas.
python -u -s ","

-r --regex

Specify custom regex pattern to extract strings.
python -u -r "\d{10}"
The strings extracted using the custom regex pattern are saved in custom.txt.