Kali NetHunter 3.0 - Android Mobile Penetration Testing Platform


What’s New in Kali NetHunter 3.0

    NetHunter Android Application Rewrite

The NetHunter Android application has been totally redone and has become much more “application centric”. Many new features and attacks have been added, not to mention a whole bunch of community-driven bug fixes. The NetHunter application has finally reached maturity and is now a really viable tool that helps manage complex attacks. In addition, the application now allows you to manage your Kali chroot independently, including rebuilding and deleting the chroot as needed. You can also choose to install individual metapackages in your chroot, although the default selected kali-nethunter metapackage should include all the bare necessities.

    Android Lollipop and Marshmallow Support

Yes, you heard right. NetHunter now supports Marshmallow (Android AOSP 6.x) on applicable devices – although we’re not necessarily fans of the “latest is best” philosophy. Our favourite device continues to be the OnePlus One phone due to the combined benefits of size, CPU/RAM resources, as well as Y-Cable charging support.

    New Build Scripts, Easier Integration for New Devices

Our rewrite also included the code that generates the images, completely porting it to Python and optimizing the build time significantly. The build process can now build small NetHunter images (~70MB) that do not include a built-in Kali chroot – allowing you do download a chroot later via the Android application.

We’ve also made it much easier to build ports for new devices that NetHunter can run on and we’ve already seen a couple of interesting PRs regarding Galaxy device support…

    Fabulous NetHunter Documentation

We might be somewhat biased regarding our documentation, and perhaps it’s not “fabulous” but just “good”… but still, it’s definitely much better than it was before and can be found in the form of the NetHunter Github Wiki. We’ve included topics such as downloading, building and installing NetHunter, as well as a quick overview of each of the NetHunter Attacks and Features.

    NetHunter Linux Root Toolkit Installer

We’ve got a new official NetHunter installer that runs natively on Linux or OSX. The installer is made from a set of Bash scripts which you can use to unlock, flash to stock and install the NetHunter image to supported OnePlus One or Nexus devices.

Now you can download the following version of Net Hunter image from the given link below:
Image Name
OnePlus One CM 12.1ZIP or Trnt0.6G3.0d8e757a3f5553aa344a253c8741f645d41739bf0
Nexus 4 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.0df19d9444949e0cc77b048f67ea9c40653f34051
Nexus 5 MarshmallowZIP or Trnt0.6G3.05001371e3cf97863b37eaf6bfff6157a56423a93
Nexus 5 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.05e4ebac1666fe75e5824e7bb790f17164ff0a103
Nexus 6 MarshmallowZIP or Trnt0.6G3.066181a752a5a340083976690e797c77c0ee93465
Nexus 6 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.08839875afbea3d402a4761322871d98a36d1a49b
Nexus 7 2012 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.02342059e2de1d75065741743aa1072c39cdbf58a
Nexus 7 2013 MarshmallowZIP or Trnt0.6G3.0eb29d810d5f5024faebe3ad39868d56c90f19a87
Nexus 7 2013 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.05ca299a5778cd5bc906852cd693c81ef6d0db120
Nexus 10 MarshmallowZIP or Trnt0.6G3.0f008eaa7c8321a894464e7f52744a20763fef734
Nexus 9 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.0d144d0acb44e93c1a03538d817df3c606ffe6b44
Nexus 10 LollipopZIP or Trnt0.6G3.0cf21f15800ee6