OpenUI - Next-Gen Tool for Building Powerful Applications


OpenUI aims to make the process fun, fast, and flexible. It lets users describe UI using their imagination, and then see it rendered live. You can ask for changes and convert HTML to React, Svelte, Web Components, etc. It's like v0 but open source and not as polished 😝.

Running Locally

You can also run OpenUI locally and use models available to Ollama. Install Ollama and pull a model like CodeLlama, then assuming you have git and python installed:

git clone
cd openui/backend
# You probably want to do this from a virtual environment
pip install .
# This must be set to use OpenAI models, find your api key here:
python -m openui

Now open http://localhost:7878 to enjoy the magic.

OpenUI Frontend

OpenUI frontend built using vite, React, and Tailwind CSS as a SPA.

pnpm install
pnpm run dev

In a separate terminal navigate to the backend directory and run:

cd openui/backend
pip install -e .
python -m openui --dev

All changes should now be live reloaded, at good speed.

For OpenUI Backend check this documentation.

Credit : Chris Van Pelt (CVP) @vanpelt. Kudos to him for his amazing work.

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